Kutup Air Wall


        As a result of global warming and air temperatures rise, particularly Food Sector, Refrigerated Transport and Retail arm, including a negative impact on many business related. So, now, an effort should be ready for a thousand, fresh or frozen product to the consumer to reach the final point, meanwhile, has become more difficult to maintain product temperature and hygiene. Distribution and service the products, refrigerated vehicles, coolness and hygiene losed One of the most important factors in vehicle cooling compartment door opened repeatedly .Day the loading, unloading, during operations, we provide a large energy-consuming cooling and hygiene tool to change the temperature of the cold chamber and cause increased give.This again requires the acquisition of the heat loss. That are two times the cost of energy required to return to the environment reaches the appropriate conditions. Vehicles specially designed for refrigerated, KUTUP Air Wall Air curtains you benefit while minimizing the cost of...

      To this day, maintain hygiene of refrigerated vehicles, supplies and prevent loss of cold air during discharge, and the like in order to resolve the problems that used. But pvc curtains nylon curtains and the difficulty of working the user creates a bad image as well as after a while formed the deformed.

       Developed in order to resolve business needs at this point KUTUP AIR WALL air curtain in the sector, as well as providing comfort to the user an endless movement, maintain the highest level from the level of hygiene and coldness caused the loss to a minimum by keeping the door open, less cooler due to operation of the fuel saves both the air conditioner coolant extends service life.

KUTUP AIR WALL air curtains;

 Refrigerated vehicle requirements provided throughout the day allows you to protect the environment.

 Maintains the highest level of hygiene levels they have refrigerated vehicles, which is able to fulfill it provides the most economical solution.

 The performance and increase the life of the air conditioner refrigerant.

 Write a cold environment provided by protecting the cooler, cooler device with less than 3% to 5% as a result of the operation, and allows you to save fuel.

 Heat loss caused by the open door 60% - 80% decrease.

 Effectively heat the ambient air inside the car from dust, moisture, odor, gas, all kinds, flies, insects and creates all kinds of insects while maintaining clean and hygienic environment.
Attaching great importance to quality since the first years of its establishment, our company is ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System since 2007 haved. So vehicle with a new product for all the world for air curtains UTILITY MODEL APPLICATION made by the Turkish Patent Institute in 2007, approved by the TPI and the U.S. / 2008/05 228 registered with the file number.

These days, the South Korea-to Canada, to the republic from Russia and South Africa have a wide geographical customer base, our company started in 2010 and exports continue to contribute to the country's economy to move  improving every year.




 MODEL : (KT  102)  12-24 VDC

MODEL : (KT  101) 12-24 VDC

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